Cellphone Etiquette 101

When’s the last time you went to a phone store to actually shop for a new phone? I almost never do that anymore. The last time I walked into an AT&T store I was happily greeted by by a gal who walked around the store with her Bluetooth headset sitting a little cockeyed in her ear and her phone hanging off her hip with some bright neon green case with one of those bling bling dangly things that looked like it should have been stuck in her belly button. Now I fully realize that employees need to look the part and all, but seriously? Learn how to wear your Bluetooth and get rid of the bling bling belly button thing and I”ll maybe take you a little more seriously. I walked away explaining that I was only looking and this gal continued to follow me around the store trying to point out the cute phones, and the cute cases that would go with it. I now do my phone shopping almost exclusively online, relying on reviews of phones that I might be interested, found online. #EpicFail

I remember the good old days growing up, when if you wanted to talk to someone, you either called them on a land line telephone, or you got in your car and actually knocked on their door. There was no texting, no email or even the internet. Yes, I AM that old. Now we have to put up with cell phones and I mean cell phones everywhere. I will admit that cell phones add a certain convenience to our daily lives, and yes, I do text quite a bit. What I want to know is what the heck is up with people that can’t put their phones down long enough to be present on OUR conversation. I think one of my biggest pet peeves happens when someone walks up to MY counter and when I’m trying to assist them, I get the finger. No, not that finger, but the one that is supposed to tell me to STFU can’t you see I’m on the phone? Now, I work for Starbucks and we have a drive thru. Last week, we had a gentleman pull into the drive through while he was on the phone. It dings in our headsets when someone pulls in so that we know there is someone there and to greet them at our speaker box. If a person pulls in and just sits there, it keeps our headset engaged so that we know when someone is ready to order. This gentleman pulled in and was so enthralled within his own little world (and conversation) that he just sat there talking away on his phone. Seriously? It’s kind of our job to pay attention, just in case there’s a question and after listening to this guy on his phone, I’m gathering that this isn’t really a conversation that we all needed to hear. After interrupting him and asking for his order, he actually had the gall to get irritated with me for interrupting. (PS: we can see you too, so don’t pick your nose!) #EpicFail

My Starbucks happens to be just seconds off the freeway if you are travelling in the south bound direction of I-5. You can kind of imagine the amount of people that we get in just to use our restrooms. In fact, we go through twice as much TP as any other Starbucks store that I have ever worked at. That’s probably TMI, but you get the gist. One thing that I have noticed, which I find very odd, is the amount of gals that walk in my front door on their cell-phones and head straight to the restroom. Okay, so what’s the big deal? I almost never see a guy do that, but the crazy thing is these people come out of the restroom still talking on their phone! Now, to be fair I have no idea if they put the phone down while in there but still, the whole idea of being so tied to a conversation to be on the phone while going in and coming out is, well, frightening. I never see guys doing this. So question: do you are do you not put the cell phone down while you are peeing?

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of these cell phone offenders, but it would be rude on my part to walk up and snap their picture while they are on the phone. So we look at this strange dichotomy of cell phone users and not all are offenders of my basic rules just to be fair again. I think it’s great that you own a cell phone, but follow my rules and the world will be a better place:

1) If you are going into an establishment to get something, be respectful to the people in the store and stop your conversation before going in and call that person back after coming out.

2) If you own a bluetooth headset, for the love of God and all that is holy, use it outside, use it in your car and never use it in a store when you are buying something.

3) I don’t have a rule for the whole peeing thing, that’s just weird.

4) Use a handsfree device while in your car so that you can properly turn your head while checking your blindspots! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been munched because of this! That’s as bad as putting makeup on while doing 75 on the freeway!

5) My mom’s rule when going out to dinner with her, is when we sit down, cell phones off! 🙂

Those are my simple rules, did I miss anything?